Inpatient and Residential Treatment Centers are the perfect place to begin your journey through recovery, but what happens when treatment is over?  Many people find themselves and their loved ones going through the revolving door of treatment centers. This can create an extraordinary financial and emotional burden on you and your family, and returning to treatment  is often not an option. So what else is there?

Transitional Living

Although Inpatient and Residential Treatment can prove to be extremely beneficial, it does not address how to live outside the protective walls of treatment. Transitional Living addresses the skills that can not be taught inside of a traditional treatment facility and interfere with the successful integration back into life. This gap between treatment and real life often leaves you and your families believing that you will never get it. This is simply not true. 

Even though everyone wants immediate results, it is unrealistic to think that after many years of difficulty that $30,000 and 30 days in treatment will solve all of your problems. For less than 10% of the cost of Inpatient or Residential treatment, you can afford to  learn how to become successful in a realistic time frame while continuing to live your life. 

Transitional Living is about more than a place to live. It is about learning a new way of life. As women in recovery you have special needs & Hallway of Life Recovery Center provides you with a structured living environment & Individualized Aftercare Services to help you fulfill those needs.   


Dear Dr. Hall,

I truly just wanted to let you know that B.T. is doing so well. Once in a lifetime someone comes along that makes a huge difference in a human being's life and for B.T. YOU are that once in a lifetime. She is such an awesome mommy of a 1 year old son.  She is in a healthy, happy relationship with his daddy.  She uses all of the tools that you taught her to succeed. She's about to finish up on her teaching degree and has a huge gift with children, and will go on to touch lives as you do. She's been successfully employed with a day care center, but chooses at this time to stay home and teach her son herself.  Our relationship as mom and daughter, and now nana of her son is GREAT.  Dr. Hall , I just wanted to say thank you, and to let you know YOU do make a difference. B.T. thought the world of you. She thought calling upon you many times after your sessions with her, and instead she just called upon the things that you taught her to succeed. You are so gifted. And WE are so blessed to have crossed your path. Thank you and may God Bless You and those lives that you touch in the future. Sincerely, J.T.